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Our company was established in August 15, 1997 and has been improving product quality and accomplishing customer satisfaction based on the technological power accumulated in production of automobile oil pump housing, carrier, and knuckle, regarding the deadline and quality as vital under difficult conditions.

Based on such precise processing technology, we have overcome the field of general part processing and are receiving orders to manufacture all-in-one jigs for NC index table processing, which makes use of the face gear division angle method with high cutting, since 2009.

Application of NC index table
DAE SHIN Index table offers a customized design to fit the facility SPEC. of each client.
We guarantee maximum improvement in productivity with minimum investment.

Management profitability is worsening on a daily basis due to increase in material costs and oil prices, and manpower supply is becoming increasingly difficult. We suggest application of NC rotary index table as an alternative to settle such worries of processing companies. Dae Shin Index table will place utmost efforts to create the maximum improvement in productivity with minimum investment through designs customized according to facility SPEC. of clients. We look forward to your inquiries and interests.

All employees of Dae Shin Machine. Co. will work hard to become the leader of machine processing. We would like to express words of gratitude to everyone for constant encouragement and support.

CEO of Dae Shin Machine. Co  Oh, Dong Gyu