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Face gear division angle method allows high cutting without shaking – Utility Design no. 20-0456169

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Index Division

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Automobile Division

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1. HYUNDAI WIA appointed DAESHIN was a Index supplier
  • For Tapping Center(I-cut Series)
  • For V-MCT(F&KF Series)
2. Simple for Operation
Simple for Operation
  • Convenient use with icons provided for each function on the touch panel
  • Provision of different monitoring functions for user convenience
  • Provision of colorful display with 7”full-color TFT LCD
Controller Model
  • DSC 1S-800
  • DSC 2S-800
  • DSC 3S-800
3. Convenient Mode for Operation
  • Auto (auto mode)
    • Execution and current position of M-number and index of external start signal can be checked.
    • Index load rate of current position can be checked and operation status can be confirmed by HYD’-LOCK and HYD’-UNLOCK status
  • Manual (manual mode)
    • Return to home position
    • Servo ON/OFF for each axis
    • HYD’_SOL valve ON/OFF for each axis
    • JOG function of index provided (can be rotated by +., – 360 degrees)
  • Setting-Index (data input)
    • Input of position value and rotating speed for each axis
  • Alarm_Record (history of alarms))
    • Easy of performance management and maintenance on the machine by alarm history (Up to 16 histories can be saved, and recording is done for each date and time)
  • Monitor (examination of current status)
    • Input and output status of index and MCT can be checked
    • Current position and torque of servo drive can be checke
    • Different monitoring systems such as current M-CODE of index are provided.
  • System (parameter setting)
    • This mode is used to configure operating conditions of index controller such as parameter inputs of the index system, management (up to 3 axes), reduction gear ratio for each axis and limit of movement distance.